Hidsons - Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary - 60 years in business

Hidsons was founded by Bill Hidson, the father of the current Managing Director, Nigel in 1954. 60 years on we are celebrating our Diamond Anniversary and it remains a family business to this day.

Since then, Hidsons have grown considerably over the recent years but crucially, they have always maintained their legacy of placing the customer at the heart of all their enterprises. This has allowed them to consistently provide the best possible customer experience and build relationships that span a lifetime.

Back in 1954 things were much different than they are today. Most of the original Hidsons stock was not cars but motorcycles and £185 would have bought you a B.S.A Goldflash complete with sidecar.

In 1961, Hidsons acquired their first new car franchise selling Hillman, with Morris soon after. The representation of the various British Leyland brands was to last right through until the late 1980's.

In 1989, Hidsons acquired the Citroen brand at110 High Street, Rainham. Back in those days classics such as the 2CV and the 1990 'European Car of the Year' the XM with its famous hydraulic suspension showed the diversity of the Citroen brand. In today's market Citroen are seen as market leaders in affordable technology and have many cars in the range with some of the lowest CO2 emissions.

2003 was a busy year for Hidsons. The Rainham,5 High Street,Kent branch welcomed an exciting new era as ten years of Honda representation came to an end with the acquisition of Kia. The Korean brand was an immediate success in the local area. The recent introduction of European design and production along with unprecedented warranties lasting up to 7 years led to further growth. Who would have believed then that Kia would be more popular in the Medway towns than the more well known brands like Honda and Renault?

Also in 2003, Hidsons opened its first SEAT franchise in Maidstone. Backed by VW and Audi technology, SEAT represented then, and still does, a more emotional and individual choice with an emphasis on style and performance. Today SEAT offers pioneering Ecomotive technology as part of their green strategy for greater consumer fuel efficiency.

In 2004, Hidsons continued its expansion by opening a further site located in Ebbsfleet, Gravesend,Kent which was to showcase the already proven and successful Citroen and Kia brands. In 2012 the site was upgraded to showcase the growing popular Kia brand.

Vauxhall has been the latest addition to the Hidsons family, which was acquired late in 2010. The British car manufacturer has been the second-largest selling car brand in the UK for the over the last two decades. With the successful portfolio of vehicles Vauxhall has continually produced, combined with the Hidsons customer driven ethos, the partnership is exciting prospect for the whole of the South East! Hidsons purpose built Vauxhall showroom was opened at 30 London Road Rainham on 5th November 2011.

With a caring approach from all their staff, Hidsons has a great deal to offer as a family based company. With a long history and an even healthier future, Hidsons will continue to build partnerships based on trust and integrity which have been the fundamental principles towards building their reputation for the last 60 years.