Car Parts & Accessories

Car Parts and Accessories for your vehicle at Hidsons in Rainham & Northfleet, Kent


During your vehicle ownership you may need to replace a part on your vehicle and when that happens we recommend using genuine parts designed for your vehicle as sometimes non genuine parts can be less reliable and may compromise your vehicles warranty. All genuine parts are available from Hidsons Parts departments at competitive prices. Our staff are trained by the manufacturer and therefore we have the expertise to provide you with the right part for the job in hand.


Every owner is unique which is why there are a wide variety of accessories available for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a set of carpet mats or are planning a family holiday and need a roof rack for your vehicle we have it covered.

All of our accessories have been designed to fit your car specifically.

To find about more about the accessories available for your vehicle contact a member of our Parts Team who will be happy to help.