The Mitsubishi Outlander is a modern SUV. It's an SUV which can seat upto 7 people (with proper seats!). The third generation Outlander is 100 kg lighter. It is spacious, well made and versatile; capable and comfortable. It really is in a class of it's own. The Outlander is a truly comfortable car; refined and relaxing for driver and panssengers alike. Handling is predictable with responsive steering. The 6 speed manual transmission is precise and the automatic equally impressive. The chassis is designed for sporty handling. The Outlander is more than a way to get from A to B; its a practical vehicle with seating capabilities to rival an MPV, a two tonne towing capability and a four wheel drive system man enough to take you off the road.


The Outlanders 2.2 litre engine delivers punch (147 bhp and plenty of torque) and comes with an on demand four wheel drive system which is more than capable of battling bad weather or making light work of heavy terrain, yet it still manages to remain economical compared to its peers. Manual modeld with their Automatic Stop and Go function deliver over 52 mpg and automatics in excess of 48 mpg, whilst annual road tax is £130 and £180 respectively.


The Outlanders AWC (All Wheel Control) system offers three selectable, electronically controlled 4 wheel drive modes. It is an 'on demand' system which means that the car automatically calculates the optimum amount of torque required at each wheel depending upon the driving coniditons. In 4WD ECO, the Outlander operates in front wheel drive for fuel efficient driving, however if the system detects a deterioration in road conditions torque is automatically allocated to the rear wheels. For improved traction 4WD Auto distribute the power to all four wheels enhancing its towing capability under all road conditions.


The Outlanders cabin reflects its pedigree. Surfaces are cushioned, doors shut with a satisfying 'thunk'. The Outlander is quietr too, thanks to the extension measures which have been taken to reduce engine, tyre and wind noise. Wipers automatically adapt to your speed and door mirrors are heated for clear vision, as well as being linked to the central door locking system to automatically fold when parked. There are also those luxuries which make driving the Outlander a genuine pleasure; heated seats and air conditioning which can be set independantly in the front, steering wheel mounted controls for Bluetooth and audio, a state of the art multifunction navigation system and a DAB tuner are available on many models.

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Mitsubishi Outlander 360° View